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About Us

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BlueBit Networks

At BlueBit we’re passionate about delivering a superb internet experience by providing residents and local business with incomparable customer support, reliability, and performance.

We believe every person deserves the ability to connect to the world through the internet. Online learning, kid's homework, even chatting with deployed love ones all require reliable internet access. We can now offer our local communities of Bourbon, Sullivan, and Cuba an alternative to the large telephone companies or satellite internet providers. 

No wires and no big satellite dish. We will come out and install all equipment necessary for you to get up and going in no time.

BlueBit Networks is a WISP (wireless internet service provider). A WISP is distinct from other wireless services you currently use. Most cell-phone service providers offer wireless internet service- with 4G LTE being the fastest and they place caps on data usage. Satellite companies offer internet, but charge a fortune and the speeds tend to lag. 

Think of a WISP as a good mixture of cellular provider and satellite provider capabilities. Like a cell provider, we will mount antennas on towers (or atop buildings) to transmit signals, and then we'll install an antenna on your home or building. The bonus is that you won't lose signal in bad weather and get much higher speeds than you could with a cell provider. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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